ANF :: Budget and Accounts
Role & Functions:
GOP Accounts
  • Preparation Annual Budget Estimates of Force.
  • Prepare Material for Priority Committee Meeting on Budget.
  • Move proposals of Supplementary Grants for the Force.
  • Re-appropriation of funds of the Force.
  • Prepare Monthly Expenditure and its Reconciliation with AGPR.
  • Maintain all Cash Accounts Books of the HQ ANF.
  • Arrange External & Internal Audit.
  • Prepare replies for settlement of audit objections.
  • Prepare Material for DAC/PAC meetings on Appropriation Account & Audit paras.
  • Assisting Sub Committee & Governing Body Meetings on National Fund and maintaining the Accounts thereto.
  • Ensure payment of Salaries, TA/DA, Honorarium etc to officers and staff.
  • Processing of Pension cases of ANF Personnel.
  • Processing of GP Fund and Long terms Advance cases.
  • Processing the cases of hiring of Office Accommodations for ANF.
  • Processing the cases of Financial Assistance to families of ANF personnel who expire during service.
  • Processing payments of Cash Awards.
  • To co-ordinate with Finance Division, Narcotics Control Division & AGPR on all accounts matters.
INL-P Accounts
  • All mater pertaining to INL-P Accounts Including correspondence with Regional Directorates/INL-P authorities.
  • To check monthly expenditure reports of all RDs and send to INL-P after countersignatures of Director HQs.
  • Maintain all cash books of accounts of ANF HQ relating to Welfare & INL-P funding.

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