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National Anti Narcotics Policy 2019


The Anti Narcotics Policy 2019 has been developed to address both Pakistan's prevailing drug situation and changes in the global narcotics environment that have emerged since the 1993 Narcotics Policy. Trafficking of Afghan drugs into and through Pakistan and the smuggling of precursor chemicals to Afghanistan continue to pose serious challenges to Pakistan's Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and healthcare system. Proliferation of drugs and psychotropic substances within Pakistani society and the subsequent increase in numbers of drug addicts are also emerging challenges.

Although the 1993 Narcotics Policy created various institutions and drug enforcement structures, an effective mechanism to coordinate and integrate these efforts was lacking. The absence of a cohesive approach has led to continued drug trafficking and proliferation in Pakistani society compounded by a limited availability of treatment centers and data on drug addiction.

The Ministry of Narcotics Control is responsible for formulating and coordinating the implementation of Pakistan's Anti-Narcotics Policy. However this is a shared responsibility of the government and society. To alleviate the root causes of the drug problem both the government and society need to promote the socio-economic environment and values that restrict the space for drug abuse.

In order to reduce the health, social and economic costs associated with drug trafficking and substance abuse in Pakistan, this new Policy outlines a number of objectives targeting supply reduction, demand reduction and international cooperation, developed in accordance with international best practice.

The Government of Pakistan (GOP) is active in cooperating internationally on counter-narcotics and is a signatory to all United Nations (UN) drug control conventions as well as the SAARC Convention on Drug Control. The GOP will work closely with the UN and other international partners to strive towards a drug-free Pakistan.

Policy Objectives
Drug Supply Reduction
  • Eliminate poppy cultivation to maintain Pakistan's poppy-free status
  • Prevent the trafficking and production of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals
  • Strengthen law enforcement agencies and streamline their activities
Drug Demand Reduction
  • Enhance demand prevention efforts through education and community mobilization campaigns and projects
  • Develop effective and accessible drug treatment and rehabilitation systems
  • Conduct a drug abuse survey to determine the prevalence of drug addiction
International Cooperation
  • Promote and actively participate in bilateral, regional and international efforts to combat Drugs
  • Emphasize on control of problem at source in poppy growing countries
  • Demand reduction in destination countries need to be an important part of international efforts

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